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It’s Thanksgiving today in Canada and I wanted to make a thanksgiving follow forever special! Yeaaaah~ I wanted to make this FF to thank everyone below for giving me a reason to log onto Tumblr everyday. These are the people who could make me scroll through their lovely blogs for hours on end without getting bored whatsoever ♥

P.S. since I’m lazy I’m not going to alphabetize, so these are in no particular order. ;v; Hover for a little somethin’ somethin’ ;) "e" was supposed to be hearts whoops

animiyashigeruu, saikusa, -fuwa, tsuumi, maespook (maelune), arino, toberuu, xyns, superadrian, teriyakihichew, tensh-ii, pankago, enoqi, teishoku, colormyworldd, raypai, shirokis, pandaruri, tashiku, tokasu, nanospooky (nanoyuki), laexoc, snowkun, furumii, chiisai-hope, umekori.